Costa Rica, the new Tulum for Electronic Music

With 51,100 km² and 6% of the world’s biodiversity, Costa Rica is on the list of the most popular tourist destinations today, the versatility of its natural settings and the proximity between them, allow our country to be without a doubt an excellent tourist destination to live experiences between, connection with nature, good electronic music, and great friends.

Costa Rica has been the scene of great artists such as Solomun, Maceo Plex, Hernan Cattaneo, and many more, which is why its growth is fast and solid in the electronic music markets, gradually making it compete with destinations like Tulum, Mexico.

The productions of Electric Animals come to offer a higher level of comfort and ease for festival-goers, looking for them to live experiences with unique and elaborate concepts, based on the love of music and dance; Many of its editions are immersive in nature, and those that take place in the capital (San José) are conceptualized in such a way to generate a connection with festival-goers.

It is evident that year after year this industry has increased; it brings benefits at the country level, from the exposure of national talent such as DJs and bands, the collection of taxes, the creation of jobs, and the activation of the economy, among others.

On the other hand and no less important, Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the safest countries in the region, in fact, that is one reason of vital importance when choosing a tourist destination, especially if it is a festival to enjoy and not worry more than usual about your safety.

 Visit Costa Rica, it is an excellent destination to dance ‘electronic music. Pura Vida!