Oneiro 2023

ONEIRO is not just a festival; it is a sensory experience. Inspired by the world’s most iconic electronic music events, it promises an unprecedented audiovisual experience in San Jose, guaranteeing attendees an epic experience.

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Where is the festival? + -

Centro Nacional de Convenciones (Centro de Convenciones de Costa Rica)
Autopista General Cañas, San José

Is it an event for all audiences? + -

Yes, it is a public event for people over 18 years of age.

Will there be dress code? + -

No, you could come as you like, we recommend you come with comfortable clothes to dance all night, Large bags are not allowed.

Is there parking? + -

The venue has private parking, managed by them. Online purchase will be enabled 7 days before the event. Price to be defined with the venue.

Can you leave the Convention Center? + -

No, once you enter you cannot exit again for the day.

What time does the event end? + -

The event ends at 6 am.

Until what time are the courtesies valid? + -

Limit entry time for courtesies 11 pm.

Can I enter at any time with my ticket? + -

Entry limit time for ALL 12 md.

Where to stay? + -

We expand the Oneiro festival experience with Selina which is one of our favorite sponsors.

They will make sure that the following days after the party are relaxed and spectacular.

You can get a 25% discount in all Selinda across CR using the discount code: OneiroFest.

How to arrive at Oneiro festival? + -

By car:

There are more than 1000 parking spots, try to be early!

Follow the address according to the app you use to drive Waze / Maps

Shuttles outside San José

We have shuttles available in all Selina Costa Rica.

Contact number according to location to make a reservation:

  • Puerto viejo: +50688727230
  • La Fortuna: +50687631073
  • Monteverde: +50671467986
  • Tamarindo: +50689160243
  • Santa Teresa: +50662842300
  • Nosara: +5068919 4914
  • Jacó: +50664449429
  • Manuel Antonio: +50661455002
  • San José: +50683513717

*Price varies depending on the location

*Subject to demand.

Shuttles inside San José

Electric Animals will also offer shuttle across the GAM with some stops at:

  • Cartago
  • Plaza del sol
  • Heredia (Paseo de las flores)
  • Moravia (Lincoln Plaza)
  • Santa Ana (City Place)

To make a reservation click here

By plane:

-Less than 13 Km from Juan Santa Maria airport

-Less than 11 Km from Tobias Bolaños airport

Please check Costa Rica entries requirements here

VIP tables + -

Please contact us at:

Bar wristband + -

When you arrive to the party, we will exchange your ticket into a wristband before entering the festival.
Please look for the check-in office to get your wristband, VIP holders will have access to fast line.
Inside the festival you can charge your wristband with money to buy drinks.
Do not lose your wristband - we cannot replace any wristbands.
No wristband - No Party!

Can the ticket be transferred? + -

Yes, you just have to pass the QR to the person who makes the purchase.

Can I upgrade to a VIP? + -

Updates cannot be made.

What if I bought an Early Bird 5-8pm ticket and arrive after hours? + -

You can access by paying the difference between your ticket and the general tier.

Can I buy the day of the event? + -

Subject to availability.

How much will it cost on the day of the event? + -

The last level of general admission is ₡61,300 for general and ₡78,400 for VIP.

The maximum number of people per table? + -

Tables are sold for the value of 10 people.

What does the table include? (With or without a bottle?) + -

2 Non-premium bottles + juice.

Will there be food trucks? + -

We will have:
La churrería
Sabor venezolano
La parrillada Argentina

Currency & Cash + -

Cash and credit card.

You can only get drinks using the wristband which it will be delivered to you at the entrance, please charge your wristband first before you ask for a drink, charging stands are at the front of the center.

Safety + -

Don't drink and drive, please do not take a risk.
Please be careful with your belongings at all times.

Don’t put mobile phones in back pockets.
You can call local police at 911

Forbidden items + -

To ensure a safe environment, Electric Animals collaborates with the local authorities to have a safe party.

Please take note that bags will be searched before entering and under certain circumstances authorities reserve the right to conduct a physical search.
The following items are not allowed inside the center:
-Large backpack
-Motorcycle helmet
-Knife or sharp objects
-Illegal substances
-Animals (only registered guide or hearing dogs)
-Any item which may be used as a weapon
-Medicine in unusual amounts

Professional photography equipment + -

Bringing additional photo equipment to the festival is not allowed. If you want to become a crew member, please submit your request here.

Cigarettes and vaporizers + -

Smoking is prohibited in any part of the center.

Is there a refund in case of getting sick and not being able to go? + -

No, there are no refunds due to illness.


The vaccine is not mandatory, however by getting vaccinated you reduce your change your risk of serious illness.

For more information, please click here.